Thank you, Paula, for sharing your story. Paula is a wife, a mother, and an equine chiropractor. But Paula is so much more than that; she is a woman. A strong woman who is passionate about her family and has been taking care of everyone else for such a long time that she almost forgot what it’s like to take care of herself. Shana and I just adored meeting Paula. She is honest, caring, kind and let us go on and on about our own pets when she was in the hair and makeup chair ūüôā

I just adore how she lights up after her shoot. You can visibly see how much happier and confident she is after our time together. Watch her interview and leave an encouraging comment for Paula below.



P028b  paula_bw



Dress: Rent the Runway
Hair | Makeup: Shana Christoforo
Photo | Video: Shannon Michelle

Apr 15, 2016
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It’s finally spring time! And while most people are spring cleaning their homes, we’re spring cleaning our product line!! Out with the old, in with the new. It’s with great pleasure and excitement that I get to announce our newest product… the “Peek-a-boo Book!”

I’m obsessed for 3 reasons:

1] This book is made by the same company as our one of a kind, Bedroom Book. It is handled with ultimate care and created with amazing quality. It’s made in Italy and shipped within 2 weeks [super fast for this level of detail]!!

2] It’s two products in one! This album comes stored in a custom “frame box” with a clear, magnetic, plexiglass covering [not shown because the reflective surface is a bitch to photograph and I wanted to share this immediately. Check back later for an updated photos with covering]. That means that you can hang it or stand it up on a photo shelf and in the box, it looks like a framed portrait. Which means that…

3] You get¬†ultimate privacy with the Peek-a-boo Book.¬†We’ve listened and heard you when you say you want to keep your boudoir photos private. Place this as a framed photo and no one is the wiser that there are secretly 20 pages of you in your most intimate unmentionables inside. Chose a beauty portrait for the cover, tuck the ribbon in the front page and your boudoir album becomes something out of a James Bond movie. Well, maybe it doesn’t blow up but how cool that you can walk over, pull the magnetic cover off and take your album out of the wall!!

I almost forget to mention the best part; the box, the spine, and the ribbon are all 100% custom designed!! You can get almost any color you want and our design team is excited to help you select the perfect color combination for your cover photo and/or home decor.

We are so thrilled with this book and¬†can’t wait to show it to you in person! Contact us at any time to schedule an appointment¬†to come¬†see this album in action!!

boudoir_album2 boudoir_album1boudoir_album3

Are hair extensions right for you? The answer is always YES! Hair extensions are a great way to add volume and/or length to your natural look.

Are you getting married or have a formal event to attend?
Are you doing a boudoir or portrait photo shoot?
Are you planning a girl’s night out?

Then the answer is YES, you’ll want to consider buying extensions. But which ones?! We had the same question [we’re photogs, not stylist], so we asked three of our top beauty professionals and here what they say….

[Want to see what 86″ of hair looks like?!]

weave_hair extensions

Then the answer is yes, you’ll want to consider buying extensions. But which ones?! We had the same question [we’re photogs, not stylist], so we asked three of our top beauty professionals and here what they say….


High-End Extensions

Bellami Hair – Click [HERE] to Shop
Halo Couture – Click [HERE] to Shop
My Fantasy Hair – Click [HERE] to Shop

Middle of the Road Extensions

Sallies Brand (100% Remy Hair) – Click [HERE] to Shop

Tousle and Toss

Amazon Human Hair for a shoot only – Click [HERE] to Shop
You’ll only get about 5 washes out of it but its perfect for a one-day event!

Of course, they all suggest that when shopping for extensions that you consult a sales rep or professional about what color to get that will blend best with your hair (or take it to your stylist to color match) as sometimes it’s harder to tell online. And if you’re having someone else attach the extensions [like for a photo shoot or wedding] bring them to the shoot brushed out and dry for styling.

Professional suggestions made by Kai Anthony [owner of Salon 1803 and Redken Educator], Danielle Keefe [Owner of Danielle Keefe Artistry] and Shana Christoforo [Owner of Shana Glamour].


Watch Behind the Scenes

Above Photo Credits:

Hair: Kai Anthony
Makeup: Shana ChristoforoPhoto: Shannon Michelle
Model: Madyie May
Agency: Maggie Inc.

What a fashionable, girl’s day!! I spent last weekend with a friend at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, followed by an amazing late brunch at Gaslight in the South End. The MFA featured fashion illustrations by the late Kenneth Paul Block, who sketched for Women’s Wear Daily and W Magazine. His illustrations not only feature the hottest trends of that time but focused on the famous lifestyles of the celebrities and socialites who wore them. They were lovely to see in person. I’m excited to go back soon to check out the TechStyle exhibit. This features garments made from recycled material and 3-D printers! That will be shown until July so don’t miss out!

What’s your favorite girls day out trip? Comment below.

Fashion Illustrations at the MFA

Feb 25, 2016

“Ewww…no! I wouldn’t want him there!! This is about me; it’s about my pregnancy and my body.”

Shana said about her husband over breakfast the other morning. Her face scrunched up at just the thought of her handsome husband by her side. Now while many of you might be thinking we were talking about the birth, we were actually talking maternity portraits!

First off, a HUGE congratulations to one of our own MUA’s and her husband, Matt & Shana Christoforo!! They recently announced that they are expecting their first child this August and we couldn’t be more happy for them!

maternity photgrapher

[Shana working with curve model, Stephanie V.]

Now back to that breakfast, Shana messages me to ask if I would do her “glam maternity portraits” and of course I said yes! So we had breakfast to brainstorm. We chatted details like what to wear, how far along she should be when photographed and then I asked her the question that turned her nose…’would you want Matt to be there?’ “Ewww…no! I wouldn’t want him there. This is about me; it’s about my pregnancy and my body.” I just died laughing and said “O, thank God!”

See, I believe there is a time and place for maternity portraits with dad and baby and flowing gown in a field of whatever…

I also believe that what I offer is a super special experience, exclusively for mom to be. It’s what I love about fashion inspired maternity portraits. I will pose Shana just like she is a model; she just happens to be pregnant. It’s about the experience. It’s about being pampered, glammed up with hair and make up and jewelry and the fan of course! It’s about this super special time in a woman’s life. No one else can experience that for her or take it from her.

So, once again….congratulations Shana and I can’t wait to photograph you!

To view some of our previous maternity, click HERE. For more info on services and pricing, click the photo below.

Feb 10, 2016

I’m sooo exhausted…

But I just can’t pull the trigger. You know the one; the one that says “power” on the TV remote. Have you ever felt that way? Like you just need to listen to noise to fall asleep? It might be my anxiety or my creative genius that keeps me from turning off my brain at times…or it could be that I’m one of seven and background noise is the norm. None the less, there I lie, listening (not watching) the TV.

Then I hear him!

Like a little fashion angle…the voice of, no other than… Tim Gunn! So of course I peel my eyelids open and found that I was watching….The Biggest Loser?

No. That can’t be right. I don’t watch that show. But tonight was different; it was makeover night.

Well, now I’m awake! Tim Gunn and makeovers?! Sign me up!!

As I was forced to play catch up on what the hell was going on, I quickly realized that Tim was providing makeovers for the top 7 that were still in the running to becoming America’s next (sorry, wrong show)…Biggest Loser. And as I watched, intrigued by the hair, makeup, styling choices etc., I realized just how much I loved this! The show wasn’t making over the finalist or even the top three. They were experiencing their makeovers mid season! They hadn’t reached their final weight loss goal and they still had a long way to go (I assume) but they celebrated anyway!! They celebrated how far they had come and used this experience to acknowledge that even if you aren’t exactly where you want to be yet, you don’t need to wait, to look your best. With a little styling help, some hair, makeup and a smidge of confidence, these men and women looked absolutely fantastic!¬†

The Biggest Loser Makeovers

[photos by NBC]

This is exactly what I want for you!

You don’t need to wait until you’re a size 2 to be photographed. You can look amazing no matter where you on the size chart. I’ve seen it time and time again with my own clients. Often, it ends up being the confidence boost you need to keep going.

If you’re ready to celebrate where you are in life, who you are in this very moment, please download our info (by clicking on the photo below) and contact our team so we can help you get started and inspire you to see yourself differently. What, no Tim Gunn? No worries. Our creative concierge will take great care of you. You just need to take the first step….

Feb 04, 2016


Let me ask you a question…

  • Do you feel like you need to have more of a presence in your business, but you dread being photographed?
  • Are you the least photogenic person you know?
  • Do you panic anytime you’re asked to submit a photo of yourself?

If you said “yes” to any of these things, I want to work with you! I want to help you learn to love the way you look on camera. I want to walk you through the entire process. When you work with me, you worth with a team of professionals. We take the time to understand more about your personal brand, we offer a stylist to help you select what to wear, we include hair and makeup, professional quality lighting, professional retouching and the best part….we telling you exactly how to pose. You just have to show up! You can be scared shitless, but you just have to show up.

It’s why you hire a specialist after all!

As one creative to another, I understand that sometimes it can be hard to verbalise what you’re looking for. You may not even know what it is you’re looking for, other than a portrait of yourself that doesn’t make you wince every time you look at it. Unfortunately, most women have never been photographed correctly. It’s no wonder¬†you might be using a selfie or a 5+-year-old photograph of yourself!

Meet Love Coach Catherine.

“Every second is a chance to turn your life around.” – Catherine Hummel

I was excited to work with Catherine to create new photographs for her personal brand. She believes in authenticity and is so passionate about helping women transform their life, open their hearts and find happiness in their relationships.¬†She says…

“Who you are is enough. You are lovable and have tremendous power over your love life. Everyone is worthy of love.”

Catherine has used her personal branding photographs to boost her business on Facebook, Instagram, in the media, promoting appearances etc. When asked to submit a photograph, she just chooses one from the many we have on file. She doesn’t even have to think about it. She knows that it’s in perfect alignment with her brand, which is more consistent than it ever has been before.

Here are a few of her favs as well as some examples of how she’s used them online.

C008b copy C009 copy   C010 copyLove Coach Catherine by Beauty | Fashion Photographer Shannon Michellec Love Coach Catherine by Beauty | Fashion Photographer Shannon Michelle

Headshots Branding Charleston Photographer 12647028_10208680126905976_1529977711794421586_n

Charleston Headshots Branding Photographer

Branding Headshots Charleston Photographer


Want to fall in love with yourself on camera?

Hair | Makeup by Danielle Keefe

“Is this your coffee or mine?”

That’s a question that is often heard in our home. My husband and I love our coffee dates. But we often end up ordering them to go, bringing them home, setting the cups down and quickly get them mixed up. And while he likes to tease me that I take baby bird sips and it takes hours for me to finish a cup of coffee (and sometimes it does), he gulps his down and finishes his cup with gusto. In fact, we usually know who’s coffee’s who’s…his is the empty one.

There’s no right or wrong way to drink a coffee (although if you ask my husband, he might say his way is best). The truth is we enjoy coffee for two very different reasons. His is an end to a means. He needs a caffeine fix and would enjoy a quick cup of coffee. I, on the other hand, sip my coffee. It’s an experience and I enjoy making it last. It’s not just the caffeine push. It’s what it feels like to wrap your hands around a piping hot mug, to sip through the froth and appreciate the smell of toasted almond. For me, it’s relaxing. It can bring people together. Think about how much gossip you can accomplish over sipping a cup of coffee!

(I think we just figured out why he chugs his. Less coffee = less wifey chit chat! LOL).

Anyway, slowing down altogether feels good in a world that is overwhelmed with stimulation. It’s satisfying to slow down. There’s something about the process of enjoying a cup of coffee (or tea) that makes you think cozy thoughts, of enjoying a good book, of having a little “me time,” or quality time with friends etc.

So what’s this got to do with beauty?

Vintage Cafe in Mt. Pleasant Charleston, SC

Just like coffee, for some “beauty” is just a means to an end.

You brush your hair so there are no knots. You moisturize so you keep your skin from drying out. You might apply a lipstick but more times than not, it’s just a chapstick or lip gloss. But for others, spending time on their own beauty can be relaxing. Just like sipping that cup of coffee, it actually allows you to slow down and spend a little time on yourself. It can be so fulfilling and even bring people together. After all, when was the last time you saw a group of girls curling their hair in separate corners of the room? It’s a safe place for girl talk and allows you to have a little “me time.”

But here’s the thing….

Would you ever shame someone for taking longer than you to drink their coffee? Or for sipping on a latte instead of plain coffee? Or for having a professional make that latte for them? Of course not! So why would you shame someone who wants to look their best? Or have a professional do their hair and makeup? Or want a keepsake [portrait] of that experience?

More often than I care to admit, I hear things like “women who do that [boudoir] must have low self-esteem and need to do this to make themselves feel better…” or “they should be happy just the way they are not trying to be something they are not” or something similar.

Well, let me tell you something!

The women I photograph are some of the most beautiful, strong, intelligent, sophisticated, educated and amazing women I’ve ever met!! They don’t do this because want to feel beautiful; they do this because they do feel beautiful. They are not trying to be something they aren’t; they are honoring exactly who they are.

I encourage you to encourage the women in their life to celebrate who they are. To embrace every part of what makes them who they are, including the side that enjoys the makeover experience. And in return, we’ll let you drink your coffee quickly ūüôā

Do you know someone who would enjoy¬† a little “me time” and a makeover? Pass this along and encourage them to schedule a shoot!


Thanks to the Vintage Cafe in the Mt. Pleasant area of Charleston, SC for the amazing latte!
[pictured above]

Can you imagine?! Over 10,000 women were in attendance! This year at the annual Massachusetts Conference for Women, we had the opportunity to take part in an amazing 2 days that support local business women.

Keynote speakers included Nasty Gal’s own Sophia Amoruso, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, Shonda Rhimes [executive producer of ABC’s hit shows “Grey’s Anatomy and “Scandal”] and many more.

Exhibitors included local brands like Alex and Ani, The Boston Globe, XO Monica Lee and of course, Yours Truly. Make up artist Shana Christoforo was by our side as our partner in crime and offered makeup tutorials throughout the day. [I even learned how to contour my own face shape…finally], we raffled off a complimentary private makeup and posing class for a group of 10 friends and we gave away 100 pairs of eyelashes, completely free thanks so Amy June Lashes!

The day was absolutely amazing. We met some wonderful women, added hundreds to our VIP list and even ran into some past clients as well as other vendors! In fact, photographer Jen Arya posted on social media that she was there that morning so of course we invited her in for one of our makeovers [pics below]!

Next year’s convention is scheduled for December 8, 2016. It takes place at the Boston Convention & Exhibit Center on the waterfront [Summer Street] in South Boston and if you’re not into early rising and morning traffic, crash the night before at the Westin Boston Waterfront. That’s what we did, and it made things so much more enjoyable. Just make sure to get on the convention’s mailing list and get your tickets as soon as they are available this summer; they go lightening fast!

A special thank you to Jaclyn Lombardo [Newport wedding photographer] who came up all the way from Rhode Island to help us out last minute. We couldn’t do anything without the support of an amazing team and friends.

Please enjoy a few cell phone pics below from the event!

Didn’t make it to this year’s convention? Just mention that you read this blog and book before Feb 14, 2016 for a complimentary mobile look book featuring 10 retouched digital files with any booking. Schedule your appointment HERE.


Over 10,000 women in attendance at the MA Convention for Women.


Shannon + Shana at the MA Convention for Women.



Shana, Jen, Jaclyn + Shannon


Shana giving makeup tutorials.

before and after
The Before and After Board.

I just got an email from a future client who was just so open and honest and absolutely adorable! She says feels sexy but still a little “Jiggly.” ¬†Who can’t relate to this?! The truth is that no matter where we are weight wise, we always see¬†more improvement to be done, right?¬†¬†Well, we’re not going to let those “jiggles” take control anymore! We’re not going to let them stop us from doing a shoot that celebrates us!! Here are a few lingerie pieces that I love that are sexy and still help to cover a lot of those “jiggles.”

Shape wear is the answer ladies!

Shape wear used to be something you might see in your grandmothers closet or straight out of the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers [great movie btw]. But thankfully, lingerie companies are on board and they are creating such beautiful pieces for the fuller figured woman.

Thank God, right?!

I mean when you think back to when those skinny little bitches dressed to the nines in their fancy gowns and riding in beautiful horse drawn buggies just to go to town to pick up a package…it took them at least 30 minutes and 3 dressers to help them get into the corset thing underneath that makes them look so skinny [but we forget about that part].¬†It’s about time they started making supportive lingerie that women can be proud to wear!¬†

Ok, coming down from my soap box. Here are a few favs…
[Click on the photo, courtesy of the brand, to find ordering info]

Plus size lingerie and shape wear  Plus size lingerie and shape wear

Plus size lingerie and shape wear   Plus size lingerie and shape wearblack body shaper Plus size lingerie and shape wear

Got a better idea of what you might wear for your intimate boudoir shoot?
Time to book an appointment! Call 617.307.1155 or email

Maidenform, Spanx, Torrid, DKNY, Va Bien