“Is this your coffee or mine?”

That’s a question that is often heard in our home. My husband and I love our coffee dates. But we often end up ordering them to go, bringing them home, setting the cups down and quickly get them mixed up. And while he likes to tease me that I take baby bird sips and it takes hours for me to finish a cup of coffee (and sometimes it does), he gulps his down and finishes his cup with gusto. In fact, we usually know who’s coffee’s who’s…his is the empty one.

There’s no right or wrong way to drink a coffee (although if you ask my husband, he might say his way is best). The truth is we enjoy coffee for two very different reasons. His is an end to a means. He needs a caffeine fix and would enjoy a quick cup of coffee. I, on the other hand, sip my coffee. It’s an experience and I enjoy making it last. It’s not just the caffeine push. It’s what it feels like to wrap your hands around a piping hot mug, to sip through the froth and appreciate the smell of toasted almond. For me, it’s relaxing. It can bring people together. Think about how much gossip you can accomplish over sipping a cup of coffee!

(I think we just figured out why he chugs his. Less coffee = less wifey chit chat! LOL).

Anyway, slowing down altogether feels good in a world that is overwhelmed with stimulation. It’s satisfying to slow down. There’s something about the process of enjoying a cup of coffee (or tea) that makes you think cozy thoughts, of enjoying a good book, of having a little “me time,” or quality time with friends etc.

So what’s this got to do with beauty?

Vintage Cafe in Mt. Pleasant Charleston, SC

Just like coffee, for some “beauty” is just a means to an end.

You brush your hair so there are no knots. You moisturize so you keep your skin from drying out. You might apply a lipstick but more times than not, it’s just a chapstick or lip gloss. But for others, spending time on their own beauty can be relaxing. Just like sipping that cup of coffee, it actually allows you to slow down and spend a little time on yourself. It can be so fulfilling and even bring people together. After all, when was the last time you saw a group of girls curling their hair in separate corners of the room? It’s a safe place for girl talk and allows you to have a little “me time.”

But here’s the thing….

Would you ever shame someone for taking longer than you to drink their coffee? Or for sipping on a latte instead of plain coffee? Or for having a professional make that latte for them? Of course not! So why would you shame someone who wants to look their best? Or have a professional do their hair and makeup? Or want a keepsake [portrait] of that experience?

More often than I care to admit, I hear things like “women who do that [boudoir] must have low self-esteem and need to do this to make themselves feel better…” or “they should be happy just the way they are not trying to be something they are not” or something similar.

Well, let me tell you something!

The women I photograph are some of the most beautiful, strong, intelligent, sophisticated, educated and amazing women I’ve ever met!! They don’t do this because want to feel beautiful; they do this because they do feel beautiful. They are not trying to be something they aren’t; they are honoring exactly who they are.

I encourage you to encourage the women in their life to celebrate who they are. To embrace every part of what makes them who they are, including the side that enjoys the makeover experience. And in return, we’ll let you drink your coffee quickly 🙂

Do you know someone who would enjoy  a little “me time” and a makeover? Pass this along and encourage them to schedule a shoot!


Thanks to the Vintage Cafe in the Mt. Pleasant area of Charleston, SC for the amazing latte!
[pictured above]

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