How do you pick your polish color? Do you find yourself wanting to try a new color but then going back to the same three or four colors? You’re not alone. I do that all the time. I stick to reds and dark [almost black] purples in the fall | winter and pale or hot pinks in the summer. But yesterday, I found myself at the nail salon…again…with the same dilemma. I wanted something fun and new but would it work for me? Could I take the polish plunge?! I found myslef drawn to this coral color. And I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before but I started to think about what colors I was wearing that week. I asked myself, “What colors am I typically wearing right now?” We all lean towards certain color pallets, depending on the season. I’m loving deep blues, hot pinks, light pinks and golds right now. I occasionally wear a summer green and I often wear black. Then I realized, the coral goes with all of those colors! I’m in!! Let’s do this…new color here we come!

[I admit that as a creative, I did see the color wheel in my head…lol]

Once the choice was made, I was enjoying my coffee and pedicure and realized, maybe the polish is like the pillows on a sofa. It’s an accessory color. It can be changed regularly. Typically you’re encouraged to buy a more neutral colored sofa and then change things that are easy to swap out, like curtains, rugs, pillows etc….even polish 🙂

So the next time you’re at the salon, try something new. Change those “pillows” and give your weekly wardrobe a pop of color. I’m loving mine!!

Nail Polish Color by Shannon Michelle Charleston, SC

[Purse by Kate Spade]



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Which Hair Extensions Are Right For You?

Shana’s Makeover | Beauty Story

Are hair extensions right for you? The answer is always YES! Hair extensions are a great way to add volume and/or length to your natural look.

Are you getting married or have a formal event to attend?
Are you doing a boudoir or portrait photo shoot?
Are you planning a girl’s night out?

Then the answer is YES, you’ll want to consider buying extensions. But which ones?! We had the same question [we’re photogs, not stylist], so we asked three of our top beauty professionals and here what they say….

[Want to see what 86″ of hair looks like?!]

weave_hair extensions

Then the answer is yes, you’ll want to consider buying extensions. But which ones?! We had the same question [we’re photogs, not stylist], so we asked three of our top beauty professionals and here what they say….


High-End Extensions

Bellami Hair – Click [HERE] to Shop
Halo Couture – Click [HERE] to Shop
My Fantasy Hair – Click [HERE] to Shop

Middle of the Road Extensions

Sallies Brand (100% Remy Hair) – Click [HERE] to Shop

Tousle and Toss

Amazon Human Hair for a shoot only – Click [HERE] to Shop
You’ll only get about 5 washes out of it but its perfect for a one-day event!

Of course, they all suggest that when shopping for extensions that you consult a sales rep or professional about what color to get that will blend best with your hair (or take it to your stylist to color match) as sometimes it’s harder to tell online. And if you’re having someone else attach the extensions [like for a photo shoot or wedding] bring them to the shoot brushed out and dry for styling.

Professional suggestions made by Kai Anthony [owner of Salon 1803 and Redken Educator], Danielle Keefe [Owner of Danielle Keefe Artistry] and Shana Christoforo [Owner of Shana Glamour].


Watch Behind the Scenes

Above Photo Credits:

Hair: Kai Anthony
Makeup: Shana ChristoforoPhoto: Shannon Michelle
Model: Madyie May
Agency: Maggie Inc.