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As I’m waiting for the laundry to dry, I sit here in a nearby Panera Bread on this chilly May morning. Sipping my piping hot latte always makes thing better…even laundry.

While I relax, I think about my afternoon yesterday and how I got to see my bestie on the big screen. I’ve watched her grow as a person long before the idea of acting ever entered her mind. We’ve cried together, screamed together, worked together and she stood by my side as I married the man I now call my husband.

I remember running off to the movie theater together years ago, just to catch a glimpse of her on screen as an extra; and I do mean a glimpse. It was less than 20 seconds and she screamed, “There I am!” Of course, I was looking so hard that I missed it all together. “Where?” I said. “Behind that person over there” as she’d point herself out in the crowded nightclub scene.

I hate to admit it but I still didn’t see her. It happened too fast. Next time, I thought. And there would be next time. The movie Star Trek Into Darkness was the first time I heard her speak on screen and just yesterday I watched her as she had a role in the celebrity-packed movie Mother’s Day. 

Here’s a little sneak peak of her work on the movie, directed by film legend, Garry Marshall.

[Can I just note….thank God she’s making romantic comedies now, they are much more my pace.]

Anyway, back to my latte. Fine, I admit it; I also splurged on a pumpkin muffin! Don’t judge me. Pumpkin in May? Pumpkin anytime of year…who can resist?

Speaking of out of season things…have you ever watched a Christmas movie in June? Or a Halloween movie just because you wanted to be scared? Or a love story outside of February? Of course, you have! Well, I hope you have.

So between Actors and out of season pumpkin muffins, you must think I’m losing my mind. But as I drifted my thoughts from the movie I had just watched to the actors I photograph, to the industry as a whole; I thought about the age old question…are Actors overpaid? And because I’m a business person, I thought, “maybe not.” After all, they are just businesses. And really, what is a good business person trying to do? Most businesses are looking for that golden ticket…scaleability. Actors are paid to entertain us; to tell untold stories and give us a much-needed break from the stress of life. If you don’t agree, don’t watch any movies. It’s that simple. You vote with your dollars.

Whether they realize it or not, Actors have just figured out the ultimate business dream. To do what they do on a global level. Think about it, it’s the ultimate scalable business! They make one movie and get paid residuals based on the number of people who see that movie. It just so happens that for big stars and big movies, a shit ton of people buy what they do! In fact, if you’ve ever bought a movie so that you can watch it out of season [just like my pumpkin muffin], the scalability is even greater!

So instead of focusing on how much money a group of people has the potential to make, why don’t you ask yourself “How can I make my business more scalable? How can I grow my business to reach billions of people?” Because I’ll let you on a little secret… Actors are not the only people who have the capability to make millions. After all, someone has to finance those movies 🙂

And it’s like the old saying goes “Easy reading is hard writing.” Their job may look easy but take it from someone who’s seen firsthand, it takes a ton of hard work, patience, commitment, drive, passion, talent and even a little bit of luck. Absolutely no one is an overnight success and not all Actors will make it big.

And a great, big congrats to my friend Gianna Simone who is on Vogue’s best-dressed list at the 2016 Canne’s Film Festival in a stunning Naeem Khan gown. You rocked it!!! And check another creative genius friend, Holly Nichols’ fashion illustration of that exact moment!

Actor Gianna Simone in Mother's Day movie, Vogue, Cannes Film Festival

Apr 28, 2016
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Thank you so much to the family at Barneys New York for hosting the most lovely lunch in support of the ICA Boston. As a lady who rarely lunches, this was a fun break and a great afternoon spent with friend and fashion illustrator, Holly Nichols. We shopped, we dined, we met some amazingly talented people, including designer Brooke Garber Neidich of Sidney Garber Jewelry and had the most interesting conversation with none other than Barneys’ own Simon Doonan

Barney's with Simon Doonan Luncheon Barney's with Simon Doonan selfie

What a fashionable, girl’s day!! I spent last weekend with a friend at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, followed by an amazing late brunch at Gaslight in the South End. The MFA featured fashion illustrations by the late Kenneth Paul Block, who sketched for Women’s Wear Daily and W Magazine. His illustrations not only feature the hottest trends of that time but focused on the famous lifestyles of the celebrities and socialites who wore them. They were lovely to see in person. I’m excited to go back soon to check out the TechStyle exhibit. This features garments made from recycled material and 3-D printers! That will be shown until July so don’t miss out!

What’s your favorite girls day out trip? Comment below.

Fashion Illustrations at the MFA

Feb 10, 2016

I’m sooo exhausted…

But I just can’t pull the trigger. You know the one; the one that says “power” on the TV remote. Have you ever felt that way? Like you just need to listen to noise to fall asleep? It might be my anxiety or my creative genius that keeps me from turning off my brain at times…or it could be that I’m one of seven and background noise is the norm. None the less, there I lie, listening (not watching) the TV.

Then I hear him!

Like a little fashion angle…the voice of, no other than… Tim Gunn! So of course I peel my eyelids open and found that I was watching….The Biggest Loser?

No. That can’t be right. I don’t watch that show. But tonight was different; it was makeover night.

Well, now I’m awake! Tim Gunn and makeovers?! Sign me up!!

As I was forced to play catch up on what the hell was going on, I quickly realized that Tim was providing makeovers for the top 7 that were still in the running to becoming America’s next (sorry, wrong show)…Biggest Loser. And as I watched, intrigued by the hair, makeup, styling choices etc., I realized just how much I loved this! The show wasn’t making over the finalist or even the top three. They were experiencing their makeovers mid season! They hadn’t reached their final weight loss goal and they still had a long way to go (I assume) but they celebrated anyway!! They celebrated how far they had come and used this experience to acknowledge that even if you aren’t exactly where you want to be yet, you don’t need to wait, to look your best. With a little styling help, some hair, makeup and a smidge of confidence, these men and women looked absolutely fantastic! 

The Biggest Loser Makeovers

[photos by NBC]

This is exactly what I want for you!

You don’t need to wait until you’re a size 2 to be photographed. You can look amazing no matter where you on the size chart. I’ve seen it time and time again with my own clients. Often, it ends up being the confidence boost you need to keep going.

If you’re ready to celebrate where you are in life, who you are in this very moment, please download our info (by clicking on the photo below) and contact our team so we can help you get started and inspire you to see yourself differently. What, no Tim Gunn? No worries. Our creative concierge will take great care of you. You just need to take the first step….

Can you imagine?! Over 10,000 women were in attendance! This year at the annual Massachusetts Conference for Women, we had the opportunity to take part in an amazing 2 days that support local business women.

Keynote speakers included Nasty Gal’s own Sophia Amoruso, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, Shonda Rhimes [executive producer of ABC’s hit shows “Grey’s Anatomy and “Scandal”] and many more.

Exhibitors included local brands like Alex and Ani, The Boston Globe, XO Monica Lee and of course, Yours Truly. Make up artist Shana Christoforo was by our side as our partner in crime and offered makeup tutorials throughout the day. [I even learned how to contour my own face shape…finally], we raffled off a complimentary private makeup and posing class for a group of 10 friends and we gave away 100 pairs of eyelashes, completely free thanks so Amy June Lashes!

The day was absolutely amazing. We met some wonderful women, added hundreds to our VIP list and even ran into some past clients as well as other vendors! In fact, photographer Jen Arya posted on social media that she was there that morning so of course we invited her in for one of our makeovers [pics below]!

Next year’s convention is scheduled for December 8, 2016. It takes place at the Boston Convention & Exhibit Center on the waterfront [Summer Street] in South Boston and if you’re not into early rising and morning traffic, crash the night before at the Westin Boston Waterfront. That’s what we did, and it made things so much more enjoyable. Just make sure to get on the convention’s mailing list and get your tickets as soon as they are available this summer; they go lightening fast!

A special thank you to Jaclyn Lombardo [Newport wedding photographer] who came up all the way from Rhode Island to help us out last minute. We couldn’t do anything without the support of an amazing team and friends.

Please enjoy a few cell phone pics below from the event!

Didn’t make it to this year’s convention? Just mention that you read this blog and book before Feb 14, 2016 for a complimentary mobile look book featuring 10 retouched digital files with any booking. Schedule your appointment HERE.


Over 10,000 women in attendance at the MA Convention for Women.


Shannon + Shana at the MA Convention for Women.



Shana, Jen, Jaclyn + Shannon


Shana giving makeup tutorials.

before and after
The Before and After Board.

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of working with a great team to come up with some fun and creative hair concepts. Kai Anthony, owner of Salon 1803 in Marshfield, MA is an amazingly talented stylist. He’s also a Redken educator, my personal stylist and a good friend. On a whim [which is how he makes most of his decisions and I love that about him] he decided to take a Mastered class with UK hair icon and celebrity stylist Sam McKnight. So for the next 4 months, Kai will be given an assignment and we’ll be photographing it for you  and sharing it on our blog. Make sure you follow along. You won’t want to miss the various levels of creativity that is Kai Anthony!

[Scroll below the pictures for links to all creatives involved as well as a behind the scenes video.]

Redken Hair Fashion Shoot_2

Redken Hair Fashion Shoot_3

Redken Hair Fashion Shoot_1

Redken Fashion Shoot for Sam McKnight

Hair: Kai Anthony
Make Up: Joshua Litterio

Models: Maggie Inc.
Photos: Shannon Michelle
Book a shoot:

So, one my favorite clients ever has a lingerie set named after her at Agent Provocateur!!!

How cool is that?! No, really…it’s named after her.

“I’m a lingerie junkie” she says. [LOL] And after shopping there for years, the Newbury St. store manager submitted her name to be used, as each collection has it’s own unique name.

Click HERE to get the Saadia bra & brief.

Saadia for Agent ProvocateurSaadia for Agent Provocateur

Can’t imagine the strength it took to live this life. Thank you for sharing your story Caitlyn Jenner. You look absolutely amazing!
[Can I just say….I’m in love with the fact that Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover, shot by Annie Leibovitz is a boudoir shot!!!]

Watch behind the scenes video below and then click over to the Vanity Fair website for more.

Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn Vanity Fair


‘Where?’ I thought.
[There wasn’t enough space to physically fit, never mind see over the hundreds of other photographers in front of me].


Fashion Week International Press Corp

[I’m in there somewhere!!]

It was my very first day inside the tents of  New York Fashion Week and I was getting a crash course in runway photography. There were just minutes before the lights went down and the music came up and I was just being thrown into the pit by runway photographer Anton Oparin, whom I had met the night before at an offsite show and had offered me the opportunity to shoot inside the tents. The energy was palpable and I had no idea what I was doing other than that I loved photography and I was getting to shoot at Bryant Park! Fear was not an option. I was left alone to just figure it out. Sink or swim. And as it happened, I was dead center in the middle of the biggest ring of hungry, angry, stressed out, sleep deprived photographers from all over the world. And fresh meat; they could smell it, I’m sure. The new girl Anton had brought in to take up one of their coveted spots. [Sorry guys. I would hate me now too…lol.] But everyone starts somewhere and I did eventually figure it out. Shooting fashion was the first time in a long time that I had felt challenged again. Combine this with my love for all things fashion and it’s the perfect recipe for me being here some 15 seasons later, with my own team of amazing people. Now I’m the hungry, angry, stressed out and sleep deprived one but I love it!  I look forward to being able to shoot fashion for as long as I’m still in love with it!

Throughout the time I spent on those fashion risers, I’ve met some wonderful people. Once such person is Charles Beckwith of modaCYCLE and The American Fashion Podcast [I love listening to this podcast and you should certainly check it out the next time you’re in the car, on the train or even in the grocery store]. Charles brings to fashion week a very kind, calming and much needed patient personality. So when his team sat down to interview fashion designer Ralph Rucci, I just couldn’t not share it with you!


Click HERE to watch an honest and open interview with American fashion designer, Ralph Rucci.

An interview with Chado Ralph Rucci

You’ll see me directly under the lowest light (right) waiting for the show to begin.

Fashion Week International Press Corp

Ralph Rucci Spring 2014 Collection[Ralph Rucci – Spring 2014 Collection]

Ralph Rucci Spring 2014 Collection[Ralph Rucci – Spring 2014 Collection]

I love her attitude and honesty!! Real estate mogul and star of ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran (founder of the Corcoran group) shares her story about her failures, the gift of the insult and persistence. Video courtesy of