Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of working with a great team to come up with some fun and creative hair concepts. Kai Anthony, owner of Salon 1803 in Marshfield, MA is an amazingly talented stylist. He’s also a Redken educator, my personal stylist and a good friend. On a whim [which is how he makes most of his decisions and I love that about him] he decided to take a Mastered class with UK hair icon and celebrity stylist Sam McKnight. So for the next 4 months, Kai will be given an assignment and we’ll be photographing it for you  and sharing it on our blog. Make sure you follow along. You won’t want to miss the various levels of creativity that is Kai Anthony!

[Scroll below the pictures for links to all creatives involved as well as a behind the scenes video.]

Redken Hair Fashion Shoot_2

Redken Hair Fashion Shoot_3

Redken Hair Fashion Shoot_1

Redken Fashion Shoot for Sam McKnight

Hair: Kai Anthony
Make Up: Joshua Litterio

Models: Maggie Inc.
Photos: Shannon Michelle
Book a shoot: info@shannon-michelle.com

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