‘Where?’ I thought.
[There wasn’t enough space to physically fit, never mind see over the hundreds of other photographers in front of me].


Fashion Week International Press Corp

[I’m in there somewhere!!]

It was my very first day inside the tents of  New York Fashion Week and I was getting a crash course in runway photography. There were just minutes before the lights went down and the music came up and I was just being thrown into the pit by runway photographer Anton Oparin, whom I had met the night before at an offsite show and had offered me the opportunity to shoot inside the tents. The energy was palpable and I had no idea what I was doing other than that I loved photography and I was getting to shoot at Bryant Park! Fear was not an option. I was left alone to just figure it out. Sink or swim. And as it happened, I was dead center in the middle of the biggest ring of hungry, angry, stressed out, sleep deprived photographers from all over the world. And fresh meat; they could smell it, I’m sure. The new girl Anton had brought in to take up one of their coveted spots. [Sorry guys. I would hate me now too…lol.] But everyone starts somewhere and I did eventually figure it out. Shooting fashion was the first time in a long time that I had felt challenged again. Combine this with my love for all things fashion and it’s the perfect recipe for me being here some 15 seasons later, with my own team of amazing people. Now I’m the hungry, angry, stressed out and sleep deprived one but I love it!  I look forward to being able to shoot fashion for as long as I’m still in love with it!

Throughout the time I spent on those fashion risers, I’ve met some wonderful people. Once such person is Charles Beckwith of modaCYCLE and The American Fashion Podcast [I love listening to this podcast and you should certainly check it out the next time you’re in the car, on the train or even in the grocery store]. Charles brings to fashion week a very kind, calming and much needed patient personality. So when his team sat down to interview fashion designer Ralph Rucci, I just couldn’t not share it with you!


Click HERE to watch an honest and open interview with American fashion designer, Ralph Rucci.

An interview with Chado Ralph Rucci

You’ll see me directly under the lowest light (right) waiting for the show to begin.

Fashion Week International Press Corp

Ralph Rucci Spring 2014 Collection[Ralph Rucci – Spring 2014 Collection]

Ralph Rucci Spring 2014 Collection[Ralph Rucci – Spring 2014 Collection]

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