Ever heard all you need is confidence to take great picture? It’s total bullshit! How many of you have felt confident but still didn’t like your pictures?


Do you know that models are some of the most insecure people I’ve ever met? [shhhh, don’t tell anyone….they’re human too]. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Their entire career is based on rejection and rejection solely on their physical looks. They know exactly what’s “wrong” with them and they’re always aware of it. So how can that be? How can a model be insecure when one of the most important things you need to look great in pictures is confidence?

What models do have, is confidence in how to pose on camera and because of that, they are comfortable being photographed. They know their angles and how to show a product, but as a person they have insecurities with their bodies just like you and me.┬áSo that thing you’ve heard about confidence is sexy. That’s probably true in person. But on film, I find that your confidence isn’t really needed. Mine is.


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Boudoir Photographer Model Fashion Maternity Boston

[Megan – Norwell High – Class of 2016]

Since I don’t expect you to learn how to become a model overnight [although that would be nice], what you really need is a photographer who is confident in posing you!

So many of the women I work with are nervous about how to pose and that’s completely natural. But what I want you to know is that when you work with me, whether it’s for a boudoir shoot, a senior portrait, a headshot, maternity…it doesn’t matter… I will pose you, nose to toes! You will never have to worry about how to pose when you step into my studio. You just have to relax, enjoy having your hair and make up done and then trust me. I will teach you industry tricks and tips that work best with your body frame. But the best thing about fashion? The editorial division! If you’re just so totally bad at posing straight to the camera, I’m going to have you move in a way that I know will photograph nicely. Playing with your necklace, playing with your hair, movement, looking away and photographing details are all things I use to create a diverse album but also keep you looking good, no matter how awkward you get! After all…

You don’t pose to look like a model; You look like a model because I pose you!”

Contact us info@shannon-michelle.com now for booking info and find out firsthand how I would pose you!!

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