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It has always surprised me how many women have told me that they wear padded bras, not for the support or added cleavage, but because they are afraid that their nipples may peak through their clothing. Then one evening at an event I was hosting, two women from France were trying on bras and both chose all lace, non-padded bras. As I complimented them on their selections, we got to talking about why so many women in the US are afraid to wear a non-padded bra. I am of the opinion that this is in large part because of the nipple factor. For some reason, there is this belief that a woman’s nipple should never peak through her clothing in public, but remain hidden out of sight behind a thick layer of padding, as if they don’t exist. We want big boobs, but don’t want big nipples. To complicate the situation, women are told to embrace their curves, while at the same time advocating smooth contours that conceal our natural shapes. Think about it, even our swimwear has padding to ensure the natural form of the nipple is concealed at all times, even when wet!

So here are my top 5 reasons, besides the love of the nipple, for wearing unpadded bras:

Boudoir Padded vs Unpadded Bras

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Soft, sexy and comfortable, unpadded bras are lighter.
Plus, all the support comes from the band.
Underwires help but you don’t need padding to get lift and support.


Padding just doesn’t look natural and can cause awkward bulkiness.
Who wants to add more bulk?
Plus, men are not fans of padding, they want to see and feel the real thing.


Free your ladies from the padding and you’ll be more confident in your body.
Also it’s not good to advertise what you don’t have.
It’s like makeup, at some point it’s going to have to come off!


While there is much debate whether bras are actually good or bad for breasts,
one thing is for certain, breasts should be able to move.
Anything constricted for too long is just not healthy.


Except for the entertaining, but not realistic, Victoria Secret fashion show,
most designers incorporate natural shapes in their designs –
on and off the runway.

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