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I just got an email from a future client who was just so open and honest and absolutely adorable! She says feels sexy but still a little “Jiggly.”  Who can’t relate to this?! The truth is that no matter where we are weight wise, we always see more improvement to be done, right?  Well, we’re not going to let those “jiggles” take control anymore! We’re not going to let them stop us from doing a shoot that celebrates us!! Here are a few lingerie pieces that I love that are sexy and still help to cover a lot of those “jiggles.”

Shape wear is the answer ladies!

Shape wear used to be something you might see in your grandmothers closet or straight out of the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers [great movie btw]. But thankfully, lingerie companies are on board and they are creating such beautiful pieces for the fuller figured woman.

Thank God, right?!

I mean when you think back to when those skinny little bitches dressed to the nines in their fancy gowns and riding in beautiful horse drawn buggies just to go to town to pick up a package…it took them at least 30 minutes and 3 dressers to help them get into the corset thing underneath that makes them look so skinny [but we forget about that part]. It’s about time they started making supportive lingerie that women can be proud to wear! 

Ok, coming down from my soap box. Here are a few favs…
[Click on the photo, courtesy of the brand, to find ordering info]

Plus size lingerie and shape wear  Plus size lingerie and shape wear

Plus size lingerie and shape wear   Plus size lingerie and shape wearblack body shaper Plus size lingerie and shape wear

Got a better idea of what you might wear for your intimate boudoir shoot?
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Maidenform, Spanx, Torrid, DKNY, Va Bien 

So, one my favorite clients ever has a lingerie set named after her at Agent Provocateur!!!

How cool is that?! No, really…it’s named after her.

“I’m a lingerie junkie” she says. [LOL] And after shopping there for years, the Newbury St. store manager submitted her name to be used, as each collection has it’s own unique name.

Click HERE to get the Saadia bra & brief.

Saadia for Agent ProvocateurSaadia for Agent Provocateur

Jun 12, 2015
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* Guest Blogger: Lingerie Specialist Kristine Isberg of L`ecole Nuit Lingerie. Save 15% with coupon code ShannonMichelle.

So you finally decided to do a boudoir session, congratulations! Now, you are probably asking yourself, what do I wear? From my experience, most women doing a boudoir session have no idea where to begin to choose those important two or three outfits that will flatter their shapes as well as represent their own unique personality. Also, it is important to remember that the lingerie you purchase for your boudoir session should be pieces that you will want to wear again. It may sound obvious, but many women think only to buy lingerie that looks good in a picture, but would never want to wear again either because it doesn’t fit properly or it just isn’t comfortable. Your boudoir lingerie should be 3 things: comfortable, sexy and wearable. Think about it, what are you going to wear when you give the boudoir album to your partner? Double the pleasure by wearing one of your lingerie outfits when you give the gift.


When I work with boudoir clients, I first ask them some questions, not about sizing, but about themselves. As with any outfit, your lingerie choices should reflect the real you, not a pre-conceived idea of what is sexy. Here are two important questions to ask yourself when planning your wardrobe:

  • What is your personality type? Are you playful and flirty, daring and not afraid to take chances or more reserved and conservative?
  • What style boudoir do you want? Dark and sensual, soft and romantic or minimalistic and modern?

Secondly, I discuss lingerie options. Usually the personality matches up with the stylistic tone of the boudoir photos. For example:

  • An outgoing, flirty personality matches well with a soft and romantic setting
  • A reserved woman tends to go for lots of silhouettes and simple backdrops
  • The daring woman wants the dark and seductive boudoir set that portrays her inner vixen

it is very important to do this reflective exercise and wear lingerie that doesn’t feel like a costume so that you can be more confident and comfortable in front of the camera! So here are some general guidelines:

Beauty Portraits by Shannon Michelle Boston Fashion Photographer and Photographic Creative Consultant0029

1. Coquettes – You want lingerie that is classically romantic, pretty and soft. A chemise or babydoll is a modern take on the traditional negligée and is perfect for romancing and sleeping in! Try the Love Me Babydoll by Shell Belle Couture or the Great Gatsby Chemise by Shell Belle Couture

2. Fashionistas – You want lingerie that is uncomplicated, stylish and easy to wear. A matching bra and panty set with fashionable thigh highs is just the thing for a sophisticated, sexy look! Try Meet Me at Midnight by Samantha Chang or the Amandine by Christine Quartier la Tente.

3. Femme Fatales – You want lingerie that is edgy, seductive and naughty. A garter belt with matching bra and panty set definitely sets the tone for a daringly, seductive look! Try Leonor by Christine Quartier la Tente or Messina by Bordelle. [We love these!]

I am always available to assist you individually, should you want personal advice. Just send me a note on our online chat or email me directly at: lingerie@lecolenuit.com

Can’t imagine the strength it took to live this life. Thank you for sharing your story Caitlyn Jenner. You look absolutely amazing!
[Can I just say….I’m in love with the fact that Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover, shot by Annie Leibovitz is a boudoir shot!!!]

Watch behind the scenes video below and then click over to the Vanity Fair website for more.

Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn Vanity Fair

Here’s another amazing post from guest blogger Kristine Isberg of L`Ecole Nuit. Click HERE to shop and use coupon code SHANNONMICHELLE at checkout for 15% off your lingerie!

It has always surprised me how many women have told me that they wear padded bras, not for the support or added cleavage, but because they are afraid that their nipples may peak through their clothing. Then one evening at an event I was hosting, two women from France were trying on bras and both chose all lace, non-padded bras. As I complimented them on their selections, we got to talking about why so many women in the US are afraid to wear a non-padded bra. I am of the opinion that this is in large part because of the nipple factor. For some reason, there is this belief that a woman’s nipple should never peak through her clothing in public, but remain hidden out of sight behind a thick layer of padding, as if they don’t exist. We want big boobs, but don’t want big nipples. To complicate the situation, women are told to embrace their curves, while at the same time advocating smooth contours that conceal our natural shapes. Think about it, even our swimwear has padding to ensure the natural form of the nipple is concealed at all times, even when wet!

So here are my top 5 reasons, besides the love of the nipple, for wearing unpadded bras:

Boudoir Padded vs Unpadded Bras

[Featured bra created by Black Lace Skin Jewelry]

Soft, sexy and comfortable, unpadded bras are lighter.
Plus, all the support comes from the band.
Underwires help but you don’t need padding to get lift and support.


Padding just doesn’t look natural and can cause awkward bulkiness.
Who wants to add more bulk?
Plus, men are not fans of padding, they want to see and feel the real thing.


Free your ladies from the padding and you’ll be more confident in your body.
Also it’s not good to advertise what you don’t have.
It’s like makeup, at some point it’s going to have to come off!


While there is much debate whether bras are actually good or bad for breasts,
one thing is for certain, breasts should be able to move.
Anything constricted for too long is just not healthy.


Except for the entertaining, but not realistic, Victoria Secret fashion show,
most designers incorporate natural shapes in their designs –
on and off the runway.

SHOP L`ECOLE NUIT and use coupon code SHANNONMICHELLE at checkout for 15% off your lingerie!


Apr 09, 2015
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Please enjoy this article by one of our favorite boudoir lingerie vendors, Kristine Iseberg of L`eCole Nuit.
Use coupon code SHANNONMICHELLE at checkout to receive 15% off your order.


“One of my favorite lingerie pieces is the garter belt. I’ve been wearing garter belts practically my whole adult life. I‘ve always found traditional pantyhose too constricting and uncomfortable, especially for all day wear. After switching to garter belts, it didn’t take long before I pleasantly discovered another benefit to wearing them. Men find them extremely sexy!

The most frequent questions I am asked about lingerie from both women and men are related to the garter belt. Many women have never tried a garter belt because they do not know how to wear them. So here are some tips and tricks on how to fasten and wear garter belts.”

How to wear a gart belt Boston boudoir photographer Shannon Michelle

1. What type of hosiery do I need with garter belts?

Stockings work best with garter belts. The top of the stocking has a reinforced double layer to accommodate the garter belt clasps without ripping the stocking itself. Unlike thigh highs, stockings do not have a silicone band to hold them up. They are made specifically for garter belts.

2. How do I fasten the stocking to the garter?

The garter belt typically has four straps that hook the stocking to the front and back of each leg. Once you have the garter on, pull the stocking up (it should reach about mid-thigh), place the side of the strap with the nub underneath your stockings, between your leg and the stocking itself. Next, place the nub in the wide section of the corresponding clip sliding down firmly to hold the stocking in place. As with a bra, you can adjust the length of the garter strap depending on your outfit.

Tip: Your rear straps should be a bit longer to accommodate sitting (and other) positions!

3. Can you wear garter belts under clothing?

Garter belts that are made of a thin material like lace or silk are perfect to wear under clothing. Some styles even offer shaping and smooth the tummy area if they feature a longer front design.

4. Are garter belts comfortable?

Absolutely. They allow you to wear stockings and have your legs looking and feeling sexier than bare legs, while not being constrictive like pantyhose.

5. Do I wear my panties over or under the garter?

You can do both. Most images show the garter worn over the panty. Unless you are wearing it for a boudoir photo shoot, I recommend putting the garter belt on first, then the panties. Why? Because it is easier to pull your panties down without having to unfasten the garter. This is practical if you are out on a date and need to use the ladies room. The other benefit – panties slip off easily – while garter and stockings can remain on during more intimate occasions. Why remove your beautiful, sexy lingerie when keeping it on during sex is so much more fun!

 SHOP HERE | Use coupon code SHANNONMICHELLE at checkout to receive 15% off your order.