Apr 09, 2015
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Please enjoy this article by one of our favorite boudoir lingerie vendors, Kristine Iseberg of L`eCole Nuit.
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“One of my favorite lingerie pieces is the garter belt. I’ve been wearing garter belts practically my whole adult life. I‘ve always found traditional pantyhose too constricting and uncomfortable, especially for all day wear. After switching to garter belts, it didn’t take long before I pleasantly discovered another benefit to wearing them. Men find them extremely sexy!

The most frequent questions I am asked about lingerie from both women and men are related to the garter belt. Many women have never tried a garter belt because they do not know how to wear them. So here are some tips and tricks on how to fasten and wear garter belts.”

How to wear a gart belt Boston boudoir photographer Shannon Michelle

1. What type of hosiery do I need with garter belts?

Stockings work best with garter belts. The top of the stocking has a reinforced double layer to accommodate the garter belt clasps without ripping the stocking itself. Unlike thigh highs, stockings do not have a silicone band to hold them up. They are made specifically for garter belts.

2. How do I fasten the stocking to the garter?

The garter belt typically has four straps that hook the stocking to the front and back of each leg. Once you have the garter on, pull the stocking up (it should reach about mid-thigh), place the side of the strap with the nub underneath your stockings, between your leg and the stocking itself. Next, place the nub in the wide section of the corresponding clip sliding down firmly to hold the stocking in place. As with a bra, you can adjust the length of the garter strap depending on your outfit.

Tip: Your rear straps should be a bit longer to accommodate sitting (and other) positions!

3. Can you wear garter belts under clothing?

Garter belts that are made of a thin material like lace or silk are perfect to wear under clothing. Some styles even offer shaping and smooth the tummy area if they feature a longer front design.

4. Are garter belts comfortable?

Absolutely. They allow you to wear stockings and have your legs looking and feeling sexier than bare legs, while not being constrictive like pantyhose.

5. Do I wear my panties over or under the garter?

You can do both. Most images show the garter worn over the panty. Unless you are wearing it for a boudoir photo shoot, I recommend putting the garter belt on first, then the panties. Why? Because it is easier to pull your panties down without having to unfasten the garter. This is practical if you are out on a date and need to use the ladies room. The other benefit – panties slip off easily – while garter and stockings can remain on during more intimate occasions. Why remove your beautiful, sexy lingerie when keeping it on during sex is so much more fun!

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