Apr 15, 2016
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It’s finally spring time! And while most people are spring cleaning their homes, we’re spring cleaning our product line!! Out with the old, in with the new. It’s with great pleasure and excitement that I get to announce our newest product… the “Peek-a-boo Book!”

I’m obsessed for 3 reasons:

1] This book is made by the same company as our one of a kind, Bedroom Book. It is handled with ultimate care and created with amazing quality. It’s made in Italy and shipped within 2 weeks [super fast for this level of detail]!!

2] It’s two products in one! This album comes stored in a custom “frame box” with a clear, magnetic, plexiglass covering [not shown because the reflective surface is a bitch to photograph and I wanted to share this immediately. Check back later for an updated photos with covering]. That means that you can hang it or stand it up on a photo shelf and in the box, it looks like a framed portrait. Which means that…

3] You get ultimate privacy with the Peek-a-boo Book. We’ve listened and heard you when you say you want to keep your boudoir photos private. Place this as a framed photo and no one is the wiser that there are secretly 20 pages of you in your most intimate unmentionables inside. Chose a beauty portrait for the cover, tuck the ribbon in the front page and your boudoir album becomes something out of a James Bond movie. Well, maybe it doesn’t blow up but how cool that you can walk over, pull the magnetic cover off and take your album out of the wall!!

I almost forget to mention the best part; the box, the spine, and the ribbon are all 100% custom designed!! You can get almost any color you want and our design team is excited to help you select the perfect color combination for your cover photo and/or home decor.

We are so thrilled with this book and can’t wait to show it to you in person! Contact us at any time to schedule an appointment to come see this album in action!!

boudoir_album2 boudoir_album1boudoir_album3


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