Nov 16, 2021

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I built an entire business out of changing people’s perspective – turns out, it was my perspective that needed to change.

Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do and I will continue to do it and am so proud of the work I create and the people I get to work with. As one of my clients says “for some women, they need to be able to see themselves differently on paper in order to really, get it.” But I think that’s just the beginning.

For many of us, our entire lives we’ve been fighting what we’ve been told or what we’ve told ourselves about ourselves. Then you hire me – and a team of professionals come in and show you the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Well…now what?

The fashion industry gave me everything I need to help you start to see yourself differently on the outside. Life beyond the industry has given me what I need to help you see yourself differently from the inside.

As the survivor of domestic violence and someone madly in love with the idea of being able to save “my addict,” I have had to change my perspective – it become life or death if I didn’t. And it is painful and hard and recovery is not linear. But one thing I’ve discovered from the work I do, is that real beauty shows up in those rare moments of vulnerability. And I can’t ask you to be vulnerable if I’m not willing to do the same.

So this blog is now dedicated to sharing the lessons I’ve learned or am learning in order to walk through trauma with grace. Its a place where I will openly share my experience, strength and hope with you so that you can take what applies to you and know you are not walking alone.

Even if you don’t feel that trauma specifically applies to you, keep coming back. Learning to change your perspective, discovering the person you’re intended to be and continuing to grow is possibly one of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself and for those you love – and you’re worth it.

Thanks for letting me share,

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