Nov 13, 2021
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In an instant—the way I looked at myself changed.

So I was listening to a podcast recently [I love me a good podcast] and
artist Ben Von Wong was talking about time. Ok, so he really started off talking about bread. He said something to the effect of:

“When you make bread, you have flour, salt, water, yeast etc…, but you
also have time. If you poke it too early or don’t let it rise, it falls. So, what
if time is an actual ingredient?”

Then I thought – what if time is an actual ingredient to healing, to
growth, to what God [Higher Power, Universe] wants to do in our lives? What if time is an ingredient in who we are becoming?

I like that; because I can very quickly feel like a failure for not being
farther in life then I thought I would be, for not recovering [bouncing
back] from trauma as quickly as I would like, for not being able to “fix”
things right away.

But if time is an actual ingredient, I can remove them as perceived
failures and better accept that dreaded statement I hate so much – “time
takes time.” 

If it’s an actual ingredient, I can trust that the “bread” WILL get made and that I’m not failing because it’s taking more time than I wanted. Who
knows, maybe the more I try to fix/control [aka poke at the bread], the
worse it gets. 

*Probably why I don’t make bread either…LOL.  

I know this is isn’t necessarily photo related but it does help me change
my perspective about how I look at myself. So, I thought you might
enjoy it too 🙂
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