5 Ways To Gaslight Yourself

I hear a lot about gaslighting. Hell, I’ve experienced it more times than I care to admit. What about this idea of gaslighting yourself?

Makes sense. I think we tend to self-abuse more than we like to admit.

I recently found a list of what it looks like to gaslight yourself. Full disclosure, I don’t recall where this came from but if I find it, I will certainly update it here asap. In the meantime, take a look and ask yourself honestly, do I tend to do one [or more] of these.

If the answer is yes, do me a favor? Let that shit go. Acknowledge it and work to change it moving forward. That’s all.

So here goes….

  • Tell yourself it doesn’t bother you because you think it shouldn’t bother you.
  • Assume you don’t have a preference instead of asking yourself if you have a preference.
  • Downplay the transformations you’ve made, the healing you’ve experienced, the ways you’ve grown.
  • Chalk up your experiences to luck and only luck.
  • Force yourself to want something because at some point you did want it even though you don’t anymore.