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Oct 25, 2016
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The truth is, not everyone has the budget for a perfect smile. Or maybe you don’t have time for Invisalign before your next photo shoot. Many of my clients tell me they don’t like the way their teeth look on camera when they smile big. This leaves them smiling with their mouths closed or not at all. And while you know I love a serious look, it would be nice for you to have a few photos where you’re actually smiling!

QUICKEST FIX: Smile with your teeth closed.  

You ofter hear smile with your lips together or mouth closed but I bet you rarely hear smile with your teeth closed. It feels silly while you’re doing it, but it works. It won’t replace your busted grill but it will improve the look of it on camera.


When you have gaps, crooked or crowded teeth of any sort, your teeth have grown together in a way that “works” for your mouth. When you smile big, your teeth generally separate and you can see between the teeth, showing off all that glorious imperfection.



Charleston photographer bad teeth


The light that hits your face is not lighting the inside of your mouth. That makes darker areas appear in your mouth and once again, contrasts against the crooked white parts of your teeth. Ever looked at a photo of yourself and it looked like you were missing teeth? It’s just that enough light didn’t hit that part of your mouth.


Smiling with your teeth closed gets even light to all your teeth, blocks “dark spots” from inside your mouth and because your teeth have grown together in that way [as imperfect as it is], they look together when closed. Let’s make one thing clear….this will feel ridiculously “cheesy” and like you’re grinning like a fool. But if doing what was comfortable was working for you, you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now, right? Give it a try. You don’t have anything to lose.


Sep 16, 2016
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New York Fashion Week Bridal Gowns.
Sponsored by Pose Pretty for Professional Photographers.


Fashion Week Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer


Wedding Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Sherri Hill

Wedding Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Sherri Hillb

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Wedding Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Sherri Hilld


Fashion Week Lan Yu Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Lan Yuc

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Fashion Week Misha CollectionBridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer

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Fashion Week Jonathan Simkhai Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Jonathan Simkhaib

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Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Jonathan Simkhaie


Fashion Week Tadashi Shoji Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer

Wedding Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle_Tadashi Shoji


Fashion Week Reem Acra Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer

Wedding Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Reem Acrab



Jun 02, 2016
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Our very own lead makeup artist, Shana shares her beauty story.
Watch the behind the scenes video with fashion and beauty photographer Shannon Michelle.

Makeup: Shana Christoforo
Photo | Video: Shannon Michelle Studios
Hair Extensions: Bellami Hair [260g | Chocolate Brown | 20 inches in length]
Brows: Anastacia Beverly Hills [Brow Definer | Chocolate]
Lipstick: Anastacia Beverly Hills [Liquid Lipstick | Blush] [Sunset Strip Gloss]
Lashes: Amy June Lashes [Elsa]
Foundation: Ashley Sievert Beauty [Mineral Velvet Creme Foundation]
Pro Contour Palett: Laurac Cosmetics
Tanner: Vita Liberata [Luxury Tan Rapid 4-7 Day Tan Mousse.]

Aug 06, 2015
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What kind of friend are you?

Are you an empathetic listener? Do you give thoughtful advise? Are you the sarcastic or funny one in the group who never fails to make your friend’s laugh when they’re feeling low?

Now let me ask you another question… What kind of friend are you to yourself?

I find that some of the most amazing, caring and giving people often forget to give themselves the same respect. Not on purpose, of course. But were they ever taught?

As a child you probably learned how to be a good friend to others. You learned to pay attention to facial expressions in order to be sensitive to mood. You learned to apologize when you wronged someone. You learned to accept an apology when you were wronged. You spend a lot of quality time with your friends and you probably consider some of them extended family.

But did you catch on that those traits should be applied to you as well?

Last year, my own Bestie found herself in a pretty difficult situation. She needed to make a painful decision in order to protect herself and her own children. Without getting into the details, I just asked her this…

Boston Senior Portrait Photographer Fashion005

“Put me in the exact same situation. What would you tell me to do? Would you forgive me if I made the wrong decision? Would you think any less of me for making one decision over the other? Would you love me any less? So why would have more love, more respect, more empathy for me, than you would for your own self?”

You’ve had years of practice being a really good friend to others. Don’t forget about you!

Imagine what you might accomplish if you:

> Forgive Yourself
> Encouraged Yourself
> Respected Yourself
> Spent Time Getting to Know Yourself

> Saw the Potential in Yourself
> Had Faith in Your Abilities

> Realized how Amazing You are as a Person

…and most importantly,

> Loved Yourself

After all, “You’d be surprised what love can heal.”

If this message inspired you to see your self just a little bit differently today, please share it or comment below! And make sure you’ve joined our mailing list for more inspirational messages like these.

Thank you!!!

Apr 24, 2015
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As a boudoir photographer, I hear a lot of a body image concerns. In fact during consultations, I ask what concerns my clients have with their body. What do they want to show off and what do they want to hide etc. I hear the typical tummy, thighs, booty response; but just recently, I had a client say her least favorite body part was her arms.

I get that.

It might not be the first thing you think of hiding in boudoir since there’s a whole lot more to hide! LOL. But how many of you hate the look of your arms in pictures? How many of you avoid sleeveless shirts for that reason alone?

No worries. This is quick fix.

But first, let’s talk about why posing works. How many of you have accidentally taken a photograph that is either orange or green looking? Are you convinced you’re an orange person? Or do you just know that something went wrong with the picture?

Of course you’re not orange! So why do you look at a picture of yourself and immediately start with the self hate.

“I must really look like that?!”
“I’m so fat!”

How to pose in photos

Did you ever stop to consider that just like color temperature (orange or green photos), there are other factors that go into making an accurate picture of yourself?

Like….lighting, composition, color and of course…posing! Posing is a big part of what goes into creating a great photograph and I’ve learned a lot about posing by working with professional models.

It’s not fair to start judging a photograph of yourself when you don’t yet understand how it all works.

Which brings me back to your fat arms…

Did you know as a general rule, whatever is closest to the camera appears the biggest? This is especially true when you’re using your cell phones or point and shoot cameras! A simple fix for your arms, is to pose with your arms farther away from the camera than the other parts of your body.

[It’s easier than it sounds.]

So, if you are standing with your arms by your side, think about having a very slight bend in your elbows and push your arms back, keeping them just behind your hips. If you have pockets, even better! Put your hands in your pocket (thumb out), bend your elbows and keep them by your side.

Don’t think hands on the hips; think arms behind the hips.

By keeping your arms just slightly behind your hips, your body is now creating dimension that wasn’t originally there. It gives the appearance of depth and you’re no longer on a single plane. Take a look at the models below. Sure they’re skinny, but every single one of them still has their arms behind their hips!


Left: Venexiana | Right: Monique Lhullier

falguni and shane peacock

Falguni & Shane Peacock




Left: Monique Lhullier | Right: Naeem Khan

Practice this in the mirror, then in a selfie and let us know if it helps!
And if you’re local to the Charleston area, work with me directly!

All photos © Shannon Michelle Photography.

The strangest thing in my camera bag is a big jar of Petroleum Jelly!

As a boudoir photographer, I can see how thing might make you a little nervous…lol, until I explain what it’s used for. Petroleum Jelly is an amazing way to highlight the skin and create a “glow” but I mostly use it to give you a wet look without the need for glycerin. A little KY, a spritzer of water and you’re good to go! The water will roll right off the jelly and give you those really cool water beads that show up in photos.

Below are some other really fun (but not dirty) ways to use petroleum jelly!

Uses for Petroleum Jelly

NAIL POLISH: Rub on the skin | cuticles around your nails before polishing. If you make a mistake, just wipe it off when your nails dry!

CHAPPED LIPS: Just apply to your lips! A little goes a long way.

MAKE UP REMOVER: Use to remove make up and moisturize your skin at the same time!


Click HERE to download your free shopping app & get instant access to coupon codes from some really cool beauty businesses!!

Mar 14, 2015
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Brene’ Brown is a “research storyteller” who gives a TED talk about the power of vulnerability. As you may know, I believe vulnerability is at the core of what makes someone beautiful. You can read more about that HERE (The one secret photographers won’t tell you) but please take a few minutes to listen to the talk below and it’s amazing message. Thank you!



Mar 12, 2015
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Who: You! RSVP before March 16, 2015 by calling 781-383-2555 or email

What: An Exclusive Beauty Event – Enjoy complimentary appetizers, consultations for botox, derma fillers, lashes, make up, boudoir etc. and win coveted cosmetic raffle prizes!

Where: Strecker Eye Center – 751 Chief Justice Cushing Highway, Cohasset, MA 02025

When: March 21st 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Why: Why not?! Mingle with some amazing women, enjoy delicious food, chat about make up, win prizes…..need I say more?!

bibhu Mohapatra backstage

Photo: By Shannon Michelle: Backstage – Bibhu Mohapatra fashion show in NYC during Mercedes Benz fashion week.

Mar 02, 2015
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Have you seen this yet?! This short documentary about the Undeveloped Film Project and what they discover when they process 31 rolls of  undeveloped film from WWII is absolutely amazing. It’s a beautiful film and reminds me how important it is to print your photographs. Moments do become memories and they only increase in value with time. What are your thoughts on this? Especially in the digital age, will you continue to print what’s important to you?

The undeveloped film project