Can you imagine?! Over 10,000 women were in attendance! This year at the annual Massachusetts Conference for Women, we had the opportunity to take part in an amazing 2 days that support local business women.

Keynote speakers included Nasty Gal’s own Sophia Amoruso, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, Shonda Rhimes [executive producer of ABC’s hit shows “Grey’s Anatomy and “Scandal”] and many more.

Exhibitors included local brands like Alex and Ani, The Boston Globe, XO Monica Lee and of course, Yours Truly. Make up artist Shana Christoforo was by our side as our partner in crime and offered makeup tutorials throughout the day. [I even learned how to contour my own face shape…finally], we raffled off a complimentary private makeup and posing class for a group of 10 friends and we gave away 100 pairs of eyelashes, completely free thanks so Amy June Lashes!

The day was absolutely amazing. We met some wonderful women, added hundreds to our VIP list and even ran into some past clients as well as other vendors! In fact, photographer Jen Arya posted on social media that she was there that morning so of course we invited her in for one of our makeovers [pics below]!

Next year’s convention is scheduled for December 8, 2016. It takes place at the Boston Convention & Exhibit Center on the waterfront [Summer Street] in South Boston and if you’re not into early rising and morning traffic, crash the night before at the Westin Boston Waterfront. That’s what we did, and it made things so much more enjoyable. Just make sure to get on the convention’s mailing list and get your tickets as soon as they are available this summer; they go lightening fast!

A special thank you to Jaclyn Lombardo [Newport wedding photographer] who came up all the way from Rhode Island to help us out last minute. We couldn’t do anything without the support of an amazing team and friends.

Please enjoy a few cell phone pics below from the event!

Didn’t make it to this year’s convention? Just mention that you read this blog and book before Feb 14, 2016 for a complimentary mobile look book featuring 10 retouched digital files with any booking. Schedule your appointment HERE.


Over 10,000 women in attendance at the MA Convention for Women.


Shannon + Shana at the MA Convention for Women.



Shana, Jen, Jaclyn + Shannon


Shana giving makeup tutorials.

before and after
The Before and After Board.

We LOVE Christmas and the holiday season and we’re excited to share with you what we’ve got planned for the biggest shopping weekend of the year! The deals below are exclusively available Friday, Nov. 28th – 11pm on Monday, November 30th.


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Holiday Boudoir Specials

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Wall Art Boston Portrait Photographer

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Designer Decor

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“It doesn’t look like you; but it feels like you.”

That what Asha’s youngest said about the pictures of her mom. Asha Ramakrishna is the women you see in the photographs below. She is a wife, a mentor, and a mom. She grew up in Venezuela where [I was surprised to hear] when a little girl walks into a room, she is immediately judged based on “could she be the next Miss Venezuela” or not. There is even a grooming program for young ladies who are being considered. So to Asha, being beautiful literally represented better opportunities, a better life and a way out of a poor country.

Talk about pressure.

“I think I resisted that [beauty] side of me…” Asha says as she shares her story about the realization that she did not fit their traditional role of beauty queen. “I’m more of a natural person. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I live in the country….but I’m so curious about seeing a different side of myself.”  

Because part of the intention for this shoot is to help challenge her daughters’ minds and their perception of beauty, Asha brought them in when it was time to pick up her portraits. We all had a conversation about the fashion industry, our own relationship with beauty and hopefully inspired them to see and think differently.  

Here are just a few of their favorites.

mommy makevoer_cover

mommy makeover_03

Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover

Photos | Bookings: Shannon Michelle
Hair | Makeup: Shana Christoforo

We recorded the reaction to Asha’s girls seeing their mom as a model for the first time (video coming soon).
Here are a few screenshots from that footage.

Kids see mom as a model for the first time  Darma Asha BW Asha_Sarada bw

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of working with a great team to come up with some fun and creative hair concepts. Kai Anthony, owner of Salon 1803 in Marshfield, MA is an amazingly talented stylist. He’s also a Redken educator, my personal stylist and a good friend. On a whim [which is how he makes most of his decisions and I love that about him] he decided to take a Mastered class with UK hair icon and celebrity stylist Sam McKnight. So for the next 4 months, Kai will be given an assignment and we’ll be photographing it for you  and sharing it on our blog. Make sure you follow along. You won’t want to miss the various levels of creativity that is Kai Anthony!

[Scroll below the pictures for links to all creatives involved as well as a behind the scenes video.]

Redken Hair Fashion Shoot_2

Redken Hair Fashion Shoot_3

Redken Hair Fashion Shoot_1

Redken Fashion Shoot for Sam McKnight

Hair: Kai Anthony
Make Up: Joshua Litterio

Models: Maggie Inc.
Photos: Shannon Michelle
Book a shoot: info@shannon-michelle.com

Oct 28, 2015
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Child slaves in Haiti and children from the slums of Kenya learn what it’s like to snap a picture for the first time, and what they found was beautiful…

[Click the photo below to watch]

The Kioo Project

I used to think I’m not beautiful enough like the other girls. Now I came and realized that I’m beautiful in my own way. I saw the other side of myself. How beauty is inside me. And this will be the thing that I remember all my life.”


Learn more about the Kioo Project HERE.
Call us [617.307.1155] or email info@shannon-michelle.com to see the other side of you.

Why do you hang portraits of your children? Why did your parents hang portraits of you? All pondering aside, did you know that research shows children who grow up in homes where their portraits hang on the wall, grow up with higher self esteem than those without?


Because it says to them that they are valued and are worth showing off to anyone who sets foot inside their home. It says “my parents are so proud of me and the family that we’ve become and I am a worthy part of that equation.”

I can almost hear your thoughts….

“Well then, how about just pictures of the kids then. Maybe one family portrait from 10 years ago and a small print of our wedding photo will do.”


Something I’ve learned as an adult and as a wife is just how much our parents’ actions and belief systems mold us into the people we are today, for better or worse. You can tell your little girl anything you want, but if you don’t believe it for yourself, she’ll have a hard time believing it for herself. The best thing we can do for our children is live by example; to be the person we want them to be.

Portraits over the living room sofa

I believe:

We need to take better care of ourselves.
We need to celebrate ourselves.
We need to be proud of the person we are today and the person we will become.
We need to be patient with ourselves.
We need to forgive ourselves.
We need to love ourselves better.

The last thing you would want, is for your child not to believe in himself because you didn’t believe in yourself. Or worse, be afraid to become the best version of themselves because deep down inside they feel guilty about being the person you could not be. So how can you tell your little girl, learning to be a woman [or your little boy, learning to love a woman] that they should proudly have their portraits on the wall, but you’re not worthy of the same?

Lead by example.

And if you’re not ready to have children; first I applaud you for recognizing that and not rushing in, but second there’s no better time to build your own self worth than before you actually have them.

Either way, the people who love you, love you  just as you are today; and tomorrow is not promised. When was the last time you were photographed? When was the last time you were photographed in a way you loved? When was the last time you were photographed in a way you wanted to cherish?


If you can’t remember, call us [617.307.1155]. Let’s chat about how we can help you.
You deserve it! If you’re not convinced a wall portrait is for you, click HERE.

Recently, I was asked by the lovely Marianne Cherico to join her on a coaching call and offer advise to “women in their second half” about posing. I gladly did so and we briefly chatted about how important is for women to celebrate themselves and to be photographed. As Marianne was wrapping up our segment, she quickly added the words “and not in an ego way.”

In all honesty, it took be aback for a minute. Because I believe so desperately in what I do, it had never once crossed my mind that what I was talking about could be considered to be done out of ego. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard it before.

Wall Art Boston Portrait Photographer

“O, I wouldn’t want to put up a big picture of myself. That’s weird isn’t it? Do people do that?”

If you’re a photographer who sells large wall portraits and you’re reading this, you’ve most likely heard this a time or two in your own studio. If you’re a client reading this, you may have had the exact same thought as you look around my studio and see lots of large artwork on the walls. And I’ve heard that exact statement come out of the mouths of a few of you. No worries though, I get it. I heard the question in your voice. “It’s so egotistical, right?” You’re asking the question because you love this portrait so much that you would want to see it hanging in your home somewhere but you aren’t sure where you would put it or how you would explain it to your friends.

“Do other people really do that?”

Let me answer this way….if people didn’t buy them, I wouldn’t offer them. So yes, other people really do that. But let’s chat about the bigger picture here [pardon the pun]. Why are you worried about what other people might think when they enter your home for a few short hours?

Isn’t that ego? 

Ego, by definition, is the part of the psyche that experiences the outside world and reacts to it, coming between the primitive drives of the ID and the demands of the social environment, represented by the superego.

…experiencing the outside world and reacting to it…so really, isn’t it ego NOT to hang your large portrait?

I completely understand if a portrait of you in the buff is not something you want hanging over your living room sofa. That’s not what we’re talking about here. My clients get a beauty portrait or something that is appropriate to share with the public during their boudoir experience. And some clients come to me strictly for beauty. So yes, maybe your bare bottom belongs in the privacy of your bedroom or in an album. But that stunning portrait of you, looking relaxed and confident, that belongs out where people can see it and celebrate with you.

If you’re ready to celebrate you or someone you love, contact us [info@shannon-michelle.com] for booking info.

I’ve had this white bob wig in the accessories closet of my studio for well over a year. Last weekend, I finally got to use it! I absolutely LOVE monochromatic colors and when we applied that theme to Claudia, it did not disappoint! Here’s a before and after photo and some behind the scenes video from this fashion inspired portrait shoot.
I just LOVE the transformation with hair, make up and photography.

If you want us to recreate this look for you, message info@shannon-michelle.com!

Beauty White Wig Bob Portrait

Fashion inspired senior portrait photography by Shannon Michelle.
For information, visit posepretty.com

Boston Senior Portraits Fashion


Boston Senior Portrait Photographer Fashion002


Boston Senior Portrait Photographer Fashion003


Boston Senior Portrait Photographer Fashion004


Boston Senior Portrait Photographer Fashion005


Boston Senior Portrait Photographer Fashion006


Boston Senior Portrait Photographer Fashion007


Boston Senior Portrait Photographer Fashion008


Boston Senior Portrait Photographer Fashion009

Hair and Make up by Shana Christoforo.
Marina Bay – Quincy, MA | Blue Hills Reservation – Milton, MA

I’m always saying posing and lighting matters!! Kira from Creative Photography Classes shows a fantastic example of this in the photo below. Thanks so much for sharing!

If you want to learn more about how to pose thinner, click here check out our posing video.

 photographing curves