Dec 31, 2016
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Engaged or Getting Married in 2017?!

Join us at this year’s Revolution Wedding Tours in charming, Charleston, SC. As the only boudoir photographer invited, we are very honored and grateful to celebrate the finale` of Charleston Wedding Week [produced by Charleston Wedding Magazine] by participating in this one of a kind event. These tours are so fun for brides to be as they can experience each venu’s potential for their day, including a variety of custom desing concepts. You can find us at the stunning Middleton Place, where we’ll offer samples from our unique product line. Meet Shannon Michelle in person and browse sample albums, prints, gift ideas and more. Start to design your own boudoir experience and give your groom the ultimate in intimate gift giving.

For tickets or more info, click HERE.

Charleston Wedding Revolution Tours

Featured Venus:

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Dec 11, 2016
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The gorgeous Nessa, licensed esthetician for Dr. Thomas Funcik, chats micro needling and why it might just be the thing you’re looking for before your next beauty or boudoir shoot. To schedule your own complimentary consultation for micro needling [a $75 value], call (843) 884-3277 and mention SHANNON MICHELLE at booking.

Dr. Thomas Funcik Microneedling Charleston Photographer









Contact the offices of Dr. Thomas Funcik at (843) 884-3277 or visit Great Face

Nov 22, 2016
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Well, Thanksgiving is just days away but sadly “turkey neck” can follow you year round! Here’s a quick and easy trick to get rid of that…

Push your chin forward! Not up. Not down. Forward.

Your chin should stay parallel to the floor. Think of a turtle popping out of its shell; it will feel awkward but have I led you astray before?! Try it. Stretch as much as you can. There will be plenty of opportunities to try this out over the holiday weekend with all the family pictures.

Here’s a quick snap shot of a before and after of me using this trick.

Boudoir, Posing, Portrait, Photographer, Charleston

Nov 21, 2016
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Intrigued by the idea of a boudoir or portrait shoot? Don’t wait any longer!

Take advantage of our annual *Black Friday Sale and book a shoot for just $400. We only offer sales once a year so this is your chance!!! Simply click [HERE], pay for your shoot and we’ll email you shortly after to schedule a time that works for you. Shoots are scheduled Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday mornings and include:

  • Includes Complimentary Consultation
  • Hair Styling
  • Full Makeup
  • Lashes
  • Up to Three Outfits Photographed at the Location of Your Choice within the Charleston, SC area. [Ask us about our complimentary concierge booking service]
  • Private, In-Person Ordering Appointment.


Prints and products sold separately.
For a BEHIND THE SCENES look at a shoot as well as product menu, click [HERE]


*All sales are final. Service is available first come, first serve.

Nov 11, 2016
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Charleston Wedding Belle Rev Officiant

1] What was it about Shannon’s work that made you want to hire her?

I saw her website.  I kept returning to her website.  I was in need of new headshots, but not boudoir photos.  Shannon’s Beauty Portraits were stunning.  There was something ethereal, fabulous, real, spiritual and gorgeous about each photo.  “That,” I thought, “that is what I want people to see.”  These were real women looking absolutely real and beautiful…. something compelling from within.

2] What was your biggest fear or concern going into the shoot?

I’m a dork.  A huge dork.  I’ve done photoshoots in the past and have been pleasantly surprised now and then.  But I really have NO idea what to do, how to stand, where to look.  So any success in the past has been sheer luck and will power on the part of the photographer.  I was fearful that I’d drive Shannon crazy because I wouldn’t know what to do.  I was also fearful that I wouldn’t be able to articulate to Shannon what kind of look I was hoping for, ultimately, at the end of the day: professional, welcoming, joyful, thoughtful, smart, etc.   Shannon and I talked about all of that and she understood immediately.  Her intuition is pretty stunning.  As far as direction, she assured me I’d be “directed from nose to toes.”  And by golly, I was!  The process was really fun and fascinating!


3] What was your favorite part of the experience of working with Shannon and her team?

Michelle and her team made me feel so comfortable.  There was nothing awkward about it.  I worry a little about not wanting to disappoint or being too difficult.  By the end of the shoot, I felt like I was simply hanging out with some girlfriends and I got to witness this highly talented professional woman do her craft.  Oh, and I got to be the subject matter!  I love watching people do what they love and do it well.

4] What did you gain from the experience that you weren’t expecting.

Besides gorgeous photos that gave me pause to catch my breath and say, “Wow!  Who knew??” ?  I think I learned a few tips on how to take a good photo.  🙂  And, more importantly, I gained a new friend.


5] Why did you need a photographer?

I am an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and I have a ministry/business in Charleston, SC.  We are the destination wedding capital of the country.  Because we are a destination location, much of my business is driven via website and internet.  An image of me on my website is the very first impression most people receive; before we ever have a conversation.  It is the first step in introducing myself to a newly engaged couple.  After fumbling around with several different websites, a new and improved version will be launched this year.  I wanted new headshots for that.  As a woman in ministry, my experience is one of needing to shatter the stained glass ceiling over and over again… esp. in the South.  🙂  More than once a bride’s uncle or a groom’s father will challenge me, “So you’re a woman.”  “Yes,” I tell them.  “Yes, I am.  Thank you for noticing.  Now please take a seat.”  It’s important to me that I not only am identified as a woman, but that I am identified as someone who is called into ministry and that I happen to be highly educated, highly skilled, and that I love what I do.  My hope for the photos is that I can be recognized not only as a woman, but as someone qualified who cares very much about you, your wedding, and your marriage.  You can find me at Wedding Belle Rev, LLC at

Watch behind-the-scenes video with Rev. Kristen Barner.

Hair and makeup by Gianna Gregory of Ulta Beauty Mt. Pleasant.
Behind the scenes photo by Charlie Nicole.

Oct 25, 2016
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The truth is, not everyone has the budget for a perfect smile. Or maybe you don’t have time for Invisalign before your next photo shoot. Many of my clients tell me they don’t like the way their teeth look on camera when they smile big. This leaves them smiling with their mouths closed or not at all. And while you know I love a serious look, it would be nice for you to have a few photos where you’re actually smiling!

QUICKEST FIX: Smile with your teeth closed.  

You ofter hear smile with your lips together or mouth closed but I bet you rarely hear smile with your teeth closed. It feels silly while you’re doing it, but it works. It won’t replace your busted grill but it will improve the look of it on camera.


When you have gaps, crooked or crowded teeth of any sort, your teeth have grown together in a way that “works” for your mouth. When you smile big, your teeth generally separate and you can see between the teeth, showing off all that glorious imperfection.



Charleston photographer bad teeth


The light that hits your face is not lighting the inside of your mouth. That makes darker areas appear in your mouth and once again, contrasts against the crooked white parts of your teeth. Ever looked at a photo of yourself and it looked like you were missing teeth? It’s just that enough light didn’t hit that part of your mouth.


Smiling with your teeth closed gets even light to all your teeth, blocks “dark spots” from inside your mouth and because your teeth have grown together in that way [as imperfect as it is], they look together when closed. Let’s make one thing clear….this will feel ridiculously “cheesy” and like you’re grinning like a fool. But if doing what was comfortable was working for you, you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now, right? Give it a try. You don’t have anything to lose.


Sep 30, 2016
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“I used Shannon for some boudoir pics before the wedding for my fiance. I was so nervous going in. I am a plus size woman and wasn’t sure if I would look sexy. Shannon made me look and feel AMAZING! Honestly never felt sexier. My fiance LOVED the pics. Said he was marrying a model. Everyone deserves to feel this awesome about themselves. Thank so much Shannon!!!” – Ashley

A new location in charming Charleston means new and charming products!!! We are thrilled to be adding this adorable perfume drive, complete with your favorite retouched, high-resolution digital files. Perfume drives are included in all curated collections, completing the perfect gift for your loved ones. Click [HERE] for pricing and info.

Charleston Perfume Drive

Sep 16, 2016
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New York Fashion Week Bridal Gowns.
Sponsored by Pose Pretty for Professional Photographers.


Fashion Week Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer


Wedding Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Sherri Hill

Wedding Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Sherri Hillb

Wedding Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Sherri Hillc

Wedding Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Sherri Hilld


Fashion Week Lan Yu Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Lan Yuc

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Lan Yud

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Lan Yue

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Lan Yuf

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Lan Yug

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Lan Yuh

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Lan Yui

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Lan Yuj

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Misha Collectionc


Fashion Week Misha CollectionBridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Misha Collectionb


Fashion Week Jonathan Simkhai Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Jonathan Simkhaib

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Jonathan Simkhaic

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Jonathan Simkhaid

Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Jonathan Simkhaie


Fashion Week Tadashi Shoji Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer

Wedding Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle_Tadashi Shoji


Fashion Week Reem Acra Bridal Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Photographer

Wedding Gowns Charleston Shannon Michelle Reem Acrab



Go behind the scenes with Stacey as she shares what it means to her to be photographed by Charleston fashion photographer, Shannon Michelle.



How do you pick your polish color? Do you find yourself wanting to try a new color but then going back to the same three or four colors? You’re not alone. I do that all the time. I stick to reds and dark [almost black] purples in the fall | winter and pale or hot pinks in the summer. But yesterday, I found myself at the nail salon…again…with the same dilemma. I wanted something fun and new but would it work for me? Could I take the polish plunge?! I found myslef drawn to this coral color. And I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before but I started to think about what colors I was wearing that week. I asked myself, “What colors am I typically wearing right now?” We all lean towards certain color pallets, depending on the season. I’m loving deep blues, hot pinks, light pinks and golds right now. I occasionally wear a summer green and I often wear black. Then I realized, the coral goes with all of those colors! I’m in!! Let’s do this…new color here we come!

[I admit that as a creative, I did see the color wheel in my head…lol]

Once the choice was made, I was enjoying my coffee and pedicure and realized, maybe the polish is like the pillows on a sofa. It’s an accessory color. It can be changed regularly. Typically you’re encouraged to buy a more neutral colored sofa and then change things that are easy to swap out, like curtains, rugs, pillows etc….even polish 🙂

So the next time you’re at the salon, try something new. Change those “pillows” and give your weekly wardrobe a pop of color. I’m loving mine!!

Nail Polish Color by Shannon Michelle Charleston, SC

[Purse by Kate Spade]


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