Mar 03, 2016
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Meet Roseann. Armed with just her cell phone and a bundle of optimism, she transformed her daily commute into a creative experience, now shared by many. As she took the ferry from South Boston to Charlestown every day and back again, she noticed the beautiful things [often taken for granted] that make up her little neighborhood. She started snapping photos with her phone so that she could text her friends and family, hoping to  start their day off with a smile. Those same photographs are now bringing smiles to many many more, hanging in gallery settings all over the Massachusetts area!

You can find out more about Roseann and her shows at The Port Report Boston. Click [HERE] for a direct link to her website. I was honored to be able to photograph her in preparation for her gallery/art website and promotional materials. Here are a few of some of our favs!





Roseann is also a dancer. I loved seeing her free spirit come through when she’s doing what she loves! [Wedding Dance Boston.com]

The Port Report Boston

Makeup by Shana Christoforo.

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