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Mar 20, 2015
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Week One – I’ll share how to look relaxed in pictures. This one I learned  Naomi Campbell!

Week Six – You’ll learn how to get rid of that double chin or “turkey neck.”


“I’m very excited about this class! I’ve already been practicing [week 1] and could see a difference in the mirror!” – Brittany S.

“Shannon! Thanks so much for hosting a class that’ll help me soooo much in the biz!” – Actress Kimbette F.

“It was excellent, with tons of good advice! Loved it & hope you do more stuff like this!!” – Emily D.

Need a gift idea for the fashion lover?! Order a designer print signed by the photographer and mounted for added durability (frame sold separately).


Framed photography; designer fashion prints signed by artist.

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What’s your biggest fear about gifting your man a boudoir album on your wedding day? When we chatted it up with our brides (and once we got past the typical answers like my thighs and stomach) we quickly realized it was the fear of coordinating a secret, covert mission to deliver the album to your groom and just your groom! Flashes of your 12 year old nephew getting a hold of it and saying ‘What’s this?!’ as he opens to a full page spread of you wearing not much more than a smile typically sets of heart palpitations right away. Or worse, your dad!!

The fear of standing across from your significant other and wondering who else saw my boudoir pictures is not something you want to experience on your wedding day. We get it! So, we’ve got an app for that!!


O yes! Your boudoir album on your very own personal app is the safest way to get your intimate images in the hands of your man without a drunken, joke-playing groomsman finding and sharing them with anyone and everyone.

Imagine the love of your life, just a few hours from becoming your husband or wife, getting a text from you that contains the password to the app (NO PEAKING) that you so sneakily downloaded onto his/her phone the evening before. Even if he noticed the app, it says “No Peaking” and if he is like most men and can’t keep his hands off it, he can’t get into the app without the password anyway.

Problem solved! Images delivered! No nosy groomsman or flaky bridesmaid dropping off a book for just anyone to pick up. But wait, there is a book of course! Hand deliver your custom designed album on your wedding night and get to watch his reaction first hand to the beautiful images you’ve created for him. Then…reap the rewards of course!

Happy Wedding Night :)

P.S. For even more of teaser, we’ll be happy to put just a few select images into your app, leaving the album to be the big surprise. The last photo in the app can even read “more tonight…” or something similar.

Click HERE to read why I don’t photograph weddings.

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Shopping for boudoir accessories can be quite a challenge. So can finding the perfect set of lingerie. What if I told you, we combined the two? Well, we didn’t…but Black Lace Skin Jewelry sure did! We’re are always looking for new and creative things for our clients and this totally tops our list this month! Jewelry designer Mary Ann Richman, and graphic designer Bonny Katzman (both Boston locals),  have teamed up to launch Black Lace Skin Jewelry. And when we heard they were joining us this year at NY Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, we jumped at the chance to photograph their work on the runway. Check out the photographs of the Malan Breton fashion show featuring Black Lace Skin Jewelry. Imagine the look on your hubby’s face when he sees you wearing nothing but these one of a kind works of art. Boudoir just got a little bit hotter!!

Check out the Boudoir Video & Photo Shoot featuring accessories and one of a kind lingerie by Black Lace Skin Jewelry.

Boston Boudoir Photographer Fashion

Boston Boudoir Fashion Photographer Boston Boudoir Photographer Fashion Bibhu Mohapatra_0035 Boston Boudoir Photographer Fashion Bibhu Mohapatra_0036 Boston Boudoir Fashion Photographer Boston Boudoir Photographer Fashion Bibhu Mohapatra_0038 Boston Boudoir Fashion PhotographerPhotos by Shannon Michelle Photography
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Are you super nervous about the idea of a boudoir shoot? No worries, you are not alone!! But chances are, you are so focused on the shoot that you haven’t even thought about what happens after the shoot?

That’s where we come in! We consistently search the globe and are very proud to have one of the best boudoir product lines available. It’s just not enough to have a few small prints made to be shoved in a drawer somewhere to be found years later. These are beautiful, intimate images of you at a very special time in your life and deserve to be celebrated by presenting them in a stylish and modern way. We are beyond proud to offer you many ways to do this. Even prouder, many of our products are made right here in America!

Please enjoy a few of these American made selects from our product line. Which one is your favorite?



A couple of our boudoir albums are made in the USA. This uniquely shaped ‘clutch’ album is one of them!

boston boudoir album american made

Beauty boxes come in three different sizes and include a grouping of custom made prints, all made in the USA.

boston boudoir box american made

The mobile look book is made in the USA and a great way to keep all your fav photos at your fingertips.

boston boudoir mobile app american made

We offer custom prints that are made in the USA. All prints are mounted for added protection and coated with clear layer that protects against fingerprints and UV rays. Nothing but the best for our guest!!

boston boudoir prints american made

Metal prints, metal murals and sublimated metal prints are all made in the USA.

boston boudoir metal mural wall portrait american made

And last but not least, of course a photo shoot with Shannon Michelle is 100% created in the USA!! Gift certificates are a great way to celebrate the ones you love.

boston boudoir gift certificate american made

Please note: Products featured here today are, to the best of our ability, known to be created in the United States of America. Should an item come to our attention that does not fit the requirements, the item will be removed.

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Mar 02, 2015

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What to do with all those beautiful portraits? Try a beauty box! Perfect for gifts or to keep all your favorites in one location without binding them to an album.

Hair | Make up: Krisann Kiley

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