Baby Jimmy – Coming August 2016
Read below a bit Shana’s experience¬† and watch the video below.

1.) What was the best part of your boudoir experience?

I loved feeling really glamorous and I love how it is so tastefully done but sexy at the same time!

2. What’s one thing you got out of your experience that you didn’t expect when you initially booked?

How beautiful I would look on camera and how comfortable I would be posing. Shannon has a special way of making her clients feel very comfortable and in the moment.

glam maternity

3. What was it about Shannon that made you decide to book with her over another boudoir studio?

I love her style. I was very specific about how I wanted my pictures to look, and I love how she uses dark contrasts and lighting to make the pictures look dramatic. I knew we’d be able to create that high-glam look I love, but also show that I was pregnant and embracing my body at the same time.

4. What hesitation did you have about booking a boudoir session?

I wasn’t really hesitant, just didn’t expect to be so comfortable being photographed so pregnant.

5. Why did you choose to have a boudoir shoot done?

I wanted to capture such a special moment in time. My body has changed a lot over the past several months, and it is beautiful but doesn’t always feel that way day to day. I knew Shannon would be able to emphasize my best features and make me feel the best in my skin.

6. Would you do it again?

In a heart beat! I would love to do different types of shoots with Shannon going forward. I always love what she puts together!

7. If you were to do it again, what would do differently?

Honestly, NOTHING. It was beyond anything I ever expected it to be…it took my breath away.

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Hair & make up were by Shana Christoforo