A women, [we’ll call her Brynn] opened up about her own experience and it forever changed the way I think. Nothing had more impact on me than hearing the following [true] story.

Brynn had often heard other women’s “sob stories.” Because she worked with women struggling with body image issues, Brynn knew women who grew up hating themselves because they had abusive fathers or drug addicted moms. Women who had been the victims of years and years of verbal or emotional abuse. And women who were shamed and told they would amount to nothing; she really had heard it all. So she finally decided to open up about her own story. But what’s interesting about Brynn’s story, is that she struggled with similar feelings, even though her upbringing was the complete the opposite from the women she helped.

Brynn grew up with a mother who had a difficult past herself and was very aware of how much she didn’t want to be like “those” parents. She wanted Brynn to know how much she was loved and to know how amazing she was. She wanted to speak kindly to Brynn and give her a childhood she, herself, had never had. Brynn’s mother told her every single day how beautiful she was and how special she was. Brynn was not mistreated or abused. Yet, she chokes with tears in her eyes… “I still ended up hating myself. I hated myself because my mother hated herself.

Mind blown.

You may have heard that to be a good mom, you must take care of yourself first. But for me, until I had heard Brynn’s story, it just didn’t “click.” The best thing we can do for our children is live by example; to be the person we want them to be. You can tell your little girl anything you want, but if you don’t believe it for yourself, it won’t do any good. Children learn by watching you. And they see a lot more than you think. Because Brynn’s mom hadn’t resolved her own issues from her negative beliefs about herself, she inherently passed those on to her daughter.

The last thing you would want, is for your child not to believe in himself because you didn’t believe in yourself. Or worse, be afraid to become the best version of themselves because deep down inside they feel guilty about being the person you could not be.

So what stops you? What stops you from embracing the self love, self esteem, self confidence that you desperately want for your little girl, learning to be a woman? Or for your little boy, learning to love a woman? It’s not fair to expect them to learn it on their own just because you say so. You must show them. Show them what it means to be fearless, to be confident, to love oneself. Show them what it means to face your own insecurities and your own body issues and to stop with the hatred.

How often do you invest in your children?
How often do you invest in your children by investing in yourself?

Why is it that you don’t have a beautiful portrait of yourself hanging on the wall? Is it because you need to lose 10 more lbs? 50lbs? More? Is it because you hate the way you look right now? Is it because you’re not worth the investment? Is it because you’re afraid to face your fear? Can you hear what you’re really saying? “…the size of my frame determines my value. I hate the way I look. Because I hate the way I look, I’m not worth it. I let my fears stop me instead of inspiring me to push through and face them head on. I am stuck.”

What would it mean to have an experience that celebrated you? What would it mean to look at a photograph of yourself and actually feel proud and confident and strong? What would it mean for your children to see you see yourself in that way?

The people who love you, love you  just as you are today; and tomorrow is not promised.
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