Married August 1, 2015

Featured bride Kelly was married on August 1st at the Boston Public Library. The amazing team of Simeral & Co planned every detail and made sure her day went seamlessly. Her dress was designed by one of my personal favs, Naeem Khan, her make up was done by Danielle Keefe Artistry and the uber talented David Murray was there to photograph it all for her!

A few months prior to her wedding day, we had the opportunity to work with Kelly at the beautiful Boston Harbor Hotel to create the ultimate groom’s gift for her hubby to be!

Here are a few of her favorites!

Boston Harbor Hotel Boudoir001

Boston Harbor Hotel Boudoir002

Boston Harbor Hotel Boudoir003

Boston Harbor Hotel Boudoir

Boston Harbor Hotel Boudoir008

Boston Harbor Hotel Boudoir

Boston Harbor Hotel Boudoir007

Kelly created a boudoir collection that was extremely thoughtful. She chose beauty box with 12 custom mounted prints to gift to her lucky groom the day of their wedding. She also chose a 20 page bedroom book with metallic pages and a cover printed on metal to gift while on their honeymoon. This way, he gets a sneak peek surprise the day of the wedding and she gets to be there in person to share in the experience of him seeing the full shoot in person. I think this was an amazing choice and I know her hubby will be super surprised!

Does this seem like a perfect gift for you?!
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Makeup by Danielle Keefe of Danielle Keefe Artistry.
Coordinated by Nicole Simeral of Simeral & Co.
Shot at the Boston Harbor Hotel, Boston MA.
Product Photos by Lex of Shannon Michelle Photography.